Agonising Rapture of Vile Impurities

Evil and crazy old man with a leather trenchcoat and large hat fetich, among other things.


Don’t want to put much in here because I don’t want my players looking at it. He wields a Soulsteel Katar in his right hand and carries a Soulsteel short Daiklave reverse style in his left. He knows Celestial Circle Sorcery And Labyrinth Circle Necromancy. He also know some Abyssal Martial Arts. Goes by Rapture.


A mass murderer from Greyfalls. Before his exaltation he killed hundreds just for the fun of it, mostly women and children as he got older. The law soon caught up with him and he was chased out all the way to a shadow lands south of the Yanase. His pursuers landed a nice wound with an arrow but refused to follow him into the accursed lands believing the things that lived there would get him anyway. As he laid dieing in the dirt a voice came to him and promised him all souls to play with as he pleased and the power to take any life that he wanted. The old man quickly agreed with a smile from ear to ear.

Rapture is perfect for the Abyssal exaltation fitting into the ???? caste(it has not been revealed yet to the players). His hunger for the death of others was exactly what his Deathlord master and their masters are looking for.

Agonising Rapture of Vile Impurities

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